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    Latest Updates

    22nd Aug 2017

    Tropical storm Hato will disrupt flights to Hong Kong

    Tropical storm Hato is forecast to intensify into a powerful typhoon on Wednesday morning (23rd August), severely disrupting flights in and out of Hong Kong.

    Dozens of Cathay Pacific flights from Europe to Hong Kong are being delayed by up to 12 hours, with flights departing from London Heathrow and Gatwick, Manchester, Amsterdam, Zurich, Madrid, Milan, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Paris among those being disrupted so far.

    Some Hong Kong-bound flights from North America are also being delayed by up to 12 hours.

    A No‚ÄČ1 typhoon standby signal was issued this morning (Tuesday 22nd August) as Hato moved to within 800km of Hong Kong. Hato is forecast to reach within 100km of the city by tomorrow morning. Maximum sustained wind speeds are expected to go as high as 130km/h before midday.

    As of 1pm (local time) today, Hato was 540km east-southeast of Hong Kong. It is expected to move west-northwest at about 25km/h towards the coast of Guangdong and intensify gradually.

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