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    Latest Updates

    11th Oct 2016

    Southern Rail plan to operate 60% of their service during strike this week

    Southern Rail has announced that more than 60 percent of their trains will be operating during the strike this week and nearly all of their 156 managed stations would have either a train or bus service of some description on the strike days of 11, 12, 13 October. Many routes will have trains running later in the day than on previous occasions with 80 more trains running than on other strike days. However, only a restricted service will operate on many routes with some, where no train services will run. The improvements on previous strike dates are:

    Two peak trains between Uckfield and London Bridge in the morning, with two returning in the late afternoon, supplemented by buses connecting Uckfield, Buxted, Crowborough and Eridge with Tunbridge Wells and Haywards Heath (for rail connections to/from London), where previously there were none

    A reduced train service between Dorking and Horsham where previously there was none

    Later services to Redhill

    Later services on the London Bridge to East Grinstead route

    Later services on the Brighton to Eastbourne route

    Buses between Chichester and Havant

    Buses between Hastings and Eastbourne

    Buses between Redhill and Tonbridge – during peak hours only

    Buses all day between Ashford International and Hastings

    If you are planning on travelling by train during this period across the Southern network please check the Strike Advice page on their website here

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