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    Latest Updates

    21st Dec 2016

    Scotland: Adverse weather forecast prompts Loganair to cancel and reschedule flights on 23rd December

    Loganair has announced significant changes to its flights on Friday due to adverse conditions.

    The company expects to run a normal schedule today and tomorrow but is re-timing 27 Friday flights to operate earlier, ahead of the forecast storm. Ten services are being cancelled altogether.

    The changes involving Sumburgh Airport are:

    BE6778 Aberdeen to Sumburgh will now leave Aberdeen at 1.10pm, an hour and 45 minutes earlier than first planned.

    BE6779 Sumburgh to Aberdeen service will also leave earlier by the same margin.

    BE6780 Aberdeen to Sumburgh has been cancelled. But Loganair says customers will be accommodated on the earlier BE6778 flight.

    BE6781 flight to Aberdeen is also off. Again, customers are being offered the chance to board an earlier flight.

    BE6918 Sumburgh to Glasgow flight will leave Sumburgh at 5.15pm, two hours and 35 minutes earlier than first scheduled.

    BE6919 Glasgow to Sumburgh service has been called off. Customers are being rebooked to travel on BE6917, leaving Glasgow at 11.10am.

    BE6920 Sumburgh to Glasgow has also been cancelled. Customers will be rebooked to travel on BE6916 , leaving Sumburgh at 11.50.

    BE6934 Sumburgh to Inverness is now planned to leave two and a half hours early, at 1.15pm.

    BE6939 between Inverness and Sumburgh, via Kirkwall, is planned to operate two and a half hours earlier than first scheduled.

    BE6997 and BE6998 services from and to Edinburgh have been cancelled, with customers again being rebooked onto earlier flights.

    Loganair said: “Several hundred customers have taken advantage of Loganair’s offer earlier this week to rearrange their travel plans for Friday and Saturday.

    “Safety always remains our primary consideration in making any such decisions. We’d urge our customers to check the Loganair website for the latest travel information and will continue to accommodate customers wishing to change their travel plans on earlier flights where available.”

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