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    Latest Updates

    4th Apr 2017

    Palma de Mallorca Airport faces multiple strikes in April & May

    Ground staff at Mallorca, appointed by Acciona and represented by CGT and SOM unions, have announced eight days of strikes in April and May.

    The first strike is due to begin at 1pm this Friday and will last until 3pm (local time).

    Seven more strikes of up to three hours will follow throughout April and May with the last being held between 8 and 11pm on Sunday 28th May.

    The dates and times of the strikes, during which baggage handlers and passenger-service workers will walk, are as follows:

    Friday 7th April, 1pm – 3pm

    Wednesday 12th April, 8pm – 11pm

    Tuesday 18th April, 1pm – 3pm

    Saturday 29th April, 8am – 10am

    Wednesday 3rd May, 8pm – 11pm

    Monday 8th May, 1pm – 3pm

    Thursday 18th May, 11am – 1pm

    Sunday 28th May, 8pm – 11pm

    Passengers planning to fly into or out of Mallorca on any of the affected dates are advised to check the status of their flights in advance.

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