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    Latest Updates

    2nd Mar 2017

    Heathrow flights affected by high winds

    British Airways have released a statement stating that some of their short-haul and domestic flights will be cancelled today. This is due to high winds across parts of the UK and northern Europe.

    As a result of the poor weather forecast, it has been agreed between Heathrow Airport, National Air Traffic Services (NATS) and airlines using the airport to slightly reduce the number of overall flights in the schedule.

    For safety reasons NATS must allow greater space between landing aircraft in high winds and this has resulted in a reduced number of aircraft being allowed to land each hour at Heathrow.

    British Airways has advised customers that the weather is likely to lead to some delays and has apologised for the disruption to their schedules.

    In an attempt to minimise the effect the high winds have on their operations British Airways will use larger aircraft where possible to help affected customers on any cancelled services get to their destinations on alternative flights.

    So far 10 short-haul roundtrips have been cancelled this morning, passengers will be re-accommodated on the next best available flight.

    British Airways Heathrow flights cancelled so far:

    TXL – BA996 / BA997

    EDI – BA1434 / BA1441

    GLA – BA1484 / BA1489

    FCO – BA560 / BA559

    NCE – BA344 / BA345

    FRA – BA906 / BA907

    NCL – BA1326 / BA1327

    ABZ – BA1310 / BA1311

    AMS – BA434 / BA435

    BHD – BA1416 / BA1417

    Anyone travelling from Heathrow today is advised to check the airport’s website and that of their airline for regular updates.

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