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    Latest Updates

    20th Sep 2016

    Customers Travelling with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    Following the official recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones, the US Department of Transport has banned the use of these phones if you are flying to or from the United States.

    The official US Department of Transport advice states:

    If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you must NOT turn your phone on or connect it to any power source during your journey. If your bag is checked in at the gate, please remove your Galaxy Note 7, and place it in your hand baggage.

    If you are travelling to/from other worldwide destinations British Airways recommends that you follow the below advice:

    Turn off the device

    Disconnect the device from any charging equipment

    Disable all applications that could inadvertently activate the phone (e.g. alarm clock)

    Protect the power switch to prevent its unintentional activation

    Keep the device in your hand baggage or on your person (do not place it in your checked baggage)

    For further information on safe packing travellers can check the FAA website

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