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    Latest Updates

    26th Jan 2017

    Virgin Atlantic launch TSA Pre✓®

    As of today Virgin Atlantic customers departing US airports are able to take advantage of the TSA Pre✓ programme.

    Virgin Atlantic are the first UK airline to join the programme which is designed to aid in a smoother airport experience.

    TSA Pre✓ is an American pre-screening initiatives which aims to make it faster and easier for passengers to get through security when departing from US airports.

    Customers using TSA Pre✓ will undergo risk assessments prior to their arrival at security and will be directed to a dedicated screening lane.

    Once at the checkpoints, eligible TSA Pre✓ passengers will not have to remove their shoes, belts or jackets and will be allowed to keep laptops and allowed liquids in their hand luggage.

    This service is only available at participating US airports and only customers selected by the TSA will be able to take part in time-saving initiative.

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